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LANGUAGES: English, Russian, Chinese

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The story will tell about two travelers crossing the Desert - the last obstacle on the way to the Fields of Oblivion. These fields are amazing in their glory. Beautiful flowers there never wither, and the stars never fade. Time is not in control of this place. There are legends that those flowers heal from any wounds, resurrect the dead or give immortality. However, there is no proof of these rumors.Talia and Inar. Who are they? Just strangers or something more? Will they regain their faded reality?

  • about 1-2 hours of gameplay;
  • non-linear plot;
  • specific visual style, not typical for visual novels;
  • female protagonist;
  • the novel will will appeal to players of any gender. Who says guys don't like fairy tales?
  • magical atmosphere in which legends of many nations merge.
  • love, fate and difficult choices 
  • what else? Learn this from our novel.

Whatever you choose, choose it from the bottom of your heart!


Buy Now$1.11 USD or more

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For Windows 373 MB
For linux 377 MB
For Mac 372 MB

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